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    Olivia Rodriguez

    I had a really bad experience with Volaris Vclub. Vclub costumer service department does not respond or assist their costumers. I had purchased a Vclub membership which is currently active and I can not login. I call volaris, they game me an email address and told me that they could not do anything about. However, I could email them and the department will be able to assist me. Well, volaris did not respond to my emails. I emailed Vclub 9 times, only one email was replied, suggesting to clean the browser to solve the problem of not being able to login because their system kept saying that the e-mail and password did not match. Well, Vclub suggestion did not fix the matter. I emailed again asking to reset my password and as of this day, October 13, 2017, I have not got a respond from them. So I am a member of Vclub unitl March 8, 2018, but I can not enjoy the benefits of the family membership I paid for. NO. Volaris does not have a good costumer service.

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    I have had a terrible experience with Volaris and their customer service department. They do not assist their customers. Never again will I book with this airline.


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    dear Volaris Customer Service,

    please tell me why

    1. you have cancelled WITHOUT ANY INFORMATION the flightQ64015  that was due on 23rd January and was  booked 2 months ago

    2. your helpdesk only informed us about the cancelled flight when we called them after we could not have the reservation  confirmed on line

    3. your helpdesk told us we would receive an e-mail to confirm the cancellation and the refund WITHIN 24 HOURS, two days later we still have not received anything...



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